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tv   [untitled]    November 12, 2012 3:00am-3:30am EST

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really. serious opposition forms and a new political body to help the rebels and they are western supporters toppled president assad have made criticisms foreign based coalition hands a little support in syria. meanwhile fears are mounting in the conflict torn country that rebel fighters are increasingly targeting civilians simply for their lives and to the syrian government. and as the greeks simmer over even more for their angry reception for the german council seen as a main force behind europe's a staring drive.
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this is r.t. live from moscow with me marina joshie syria's fractured opposition has managed to form a new political body to help the rebels and their foreign backers oust president asad the deal signed in the qatari capital doha follows pressure from western and arab supporters who are also waiting to see the formation of syria's new government in exile well let's now talk to our middle east correspondent paula. paula hello to you now the opposition has been wrecked by divisions for months now so just how robust is the new agreement. well this comes after days of political wrangling amongst the various syrian opposition forces they have been trying to iron out their differences to form a more representative opposition body what we are under aware of is that they have been under pressure from both the united states as well as arab governments and several other officials to form this unified body the syrian factions have now
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announced that they're going to join for a new assembly that will be western backed and that has already received the support of several arab governments it is in sixty remember assembly voted really brings together a wide array of people and organizations with very different affiliations it is essentially a patchwork organization amongst the new leaders are sunni muslims as well as a christian in a communist and among the rebel fighters are those coming from very different ethnic and religious backgrounds now the group is calling itself the syrian national coalition for opposing and revolutionary forces it has been marred by infighting for months and the prognosis is quite negative with many asking the question whether or not that in-fighting and whether or not those ethnic and political differences can be put aside this is a group that has been marred by mutual suspicion also for weeks and for months so
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talking to analysts on the ground many suspect that it could flounder in the coming days it still needs to finalize the further administrative bodies they goal is really to try and organize a better flow of funds from the syrian opposition in exile to the syrian opposition within the country and also potentially to send weapons inside and on the topic of weapons we've already heard from countries such as the united kingdom france germany the united states qatar and saudi arabia that they all religion weapons we've even heard the british government go so far as to say that they will deploy hundreds of british soldiers in syria. if the situation is worse than is with the british prime minister david cameron saying that he will consider military action to be syrian president bashar assad. all right paul thanks very much for this update our middle east correspondent polls leader there. now some analysts are questioning just how much the newly formed rebel coalition takes into account the
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interests of syrians themselves. from the very beginning of the conflict in syria the big question is how much influence do these groups outside of syria actually have within syria and i think. they don't have widespread support within syria you know or you touched on the topic of what's been happening in doha in the last few days but i think a fundamental point which is being missed is the future affairs of an independent software and country are being discussed by foreign governments in a foreign country that is absolutely. we're talking about the united nations the pillars of the united nation state sovereignty been completely undermines i mean if there was a domestic crisis for example in spain would it be acceptable to foreign governments to convene in the capital bitterly to discuss the future affairs of it's absolutely
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outrageous and it's also illegal under international who are. as western and arab nations are looking for ways to give more support for the rebels fears are mounting inside syria and are said fires are increasingly targeting civilians for simply showing a live allegiance to the government argues marie ivanovna explains. it was described as conflict or uprising at the beginning no doubts left what it actually is violence calling slaughter the bloodshed we have a new kind of war. of them through proxies the deaths numbering in the tens of thousands and it's not just armed men engaged in battle from both sides it's also ordinary citizens including the deliberate murder of civilians by rebels this is muhammad's affair i met and filmed him during my last trip to damascus this summer a prominent actor well he was now he's dead killed because of his views.
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half syrian half for this tin. mohamed was an ardent supporter of the regime and an active campaign against those he believed were terrorists and that it seems was reason enough to murder him. i saw his body at a hospital who could make this to him. the f.s.a. syrian rebels admitted killing muhammad he was shot dead with three bullets and. my son became the first actor a man of art to sacrifice his life on the altar of our motherland i appeal to these murderers what you did is not fair he was not guilty why should those who love the motherland be executed my son loved his mother went and he always helped people and was working a lot but none of this mattered to his killers mohamed was not the first public figure to be targeted like those people in this least are sentenced to death by members of the syrian opposition doctors pilots actors engineers are among them and this black mark means the clock is ticking but what we have here is
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a kind of you know military. terror. policy if you are cooperating with this government you are so to say a dead man walking and that is of course some kind of international warfare which no civilized nation can appeal to after the death of muhammad that affair his father says his proud his son became a martyr and that he believes his death was not for nothing but with no end to the murders inside eventually he may just become another anonymous face in the growing statistics nor if notion or r.t. . now in another sign of a conflict spreading beyond syria neighboring israel has fired warning shots over the border after a syrian mortar shell hit an israeli base for the first time israeli forces have fired into syrian territory in more than forty years more than an arche.
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and the other year of pain loans for greece as the country's parliament approves and a sturdy budget which will force more binding cuts upon an already struggling population and that's been a precondition from international lenders have been delaying another bailout cash injection for months now thousands of greeks gathered outside parliament to voice their opposition to next year's budget it's a profiles in another even more extensive austerity package that sparked violent protests last week well for more on this now joined by latest i know mike is from the european university and florence thanks very much for being with us here on the program sir first off the greek government keeps cutting spending despite fierce opposition on the street as we can see so do they and please themselves believe
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that the measures are actually helping the country's economy. well i don't think they do and doing if they do should stop doing should because looking at it when you've got going to and of this should always go to commercial interest because of this huge public that they come to them to be of the time and the public that was the source for the usual according to the page in one of the schools because of booster this is in trouble except that which a part of the new rules will put you over to people who kill their would of course you go through a study which actually made me think that maybe i was giving them i've been through then and i have moved the alleged because we were the first to go for good it was one of the weakest in the you and you should because they're going to be lazy i don't do that you've been working longer hours and then you know that even you and the bubbling that those who were supposed to be used. to the measures she was actually in could be used to usually the and these are expected to reach in front
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of them sixty percent of g.d.p. by two thousand. and the same tone. decreased by fifty to forty percent unemployment here is thirty five percent unemployment fifty five percent true that it's forty percent sure it's clear that we should all do still not work and i don't think we should really. come to chicago and be gone judging from how many people voted for a woman under the figures that you just named there are quite actually dramatic and the state of economy seems to be extremely dire there but the question here is where are we going to see the light at the end of the tower i mean as we know the greek prime minister promised that the last two rounds of belt tightening will be the last ones for the country. actually they get it but i mean is that and over to get by i mean. that he or she has been promising the same thing. but i don't think it looks really good because we always get the new launch you should reach out and
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let me remind you that the following is that i'm doing some other issues the show but i only wish that we could use the quantum and a good look for the first thing what i'm doing there hugo is that of that because for the working against the chicken and against the third try don't think that you have any political could be ridiculous to say that and live without a hundred and fifty fully. formed. for. i don't think that is in the light at the end of the time. all right well as we also know the german chancellor angela merkel is to visit portugal another struggling country later in the day were thousands of people have signed an open letter against her so we saw a similar sentiment when she came to greece last month in your opinion why are people so angry about her personally. to you in general and i'm glad medical is on shoot the believe that that is taking
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these measures and just following the. the show's mainly. going to be their lives were. a general strike on the fourteenth of november in these countries so they mentioned earlier and. that's the sentiment of the people and thus the idea of they have about to get americans to use the beating of civility measures but if the shuffle. all right earlier so you know mark is from their european university in florence thanks for having us here on r.t. thank you. well as was just a mansion the protests are expected in the portuguese capital were the german chancellor is expected later in the day the country's parliament recently approved a new budget of spending cuts and tax hikes which prompted the biggest protest in years artists are a further reports from once when. the german chancellor angela merkel is making her
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first state visit to portugal since the debt crisis began she's going to be meeting with the country's prime minister today is the german chancellor is expecting a warm welcome today she might want to think again at the same time as these meetings take place we're going to be expecting protests to be taking place across the country and certainly here in lisbon as the days straight to start she measures the base and we seen an increase in the amount to say she laments and unhappiness with those measures now portugal's it was hoped would become the southern european success story in a sharp contrast to what we seeing taking place in countries like greece but the reality of the situation is that portugal's facing much of the same is she's a rise in unemployment hits to the public sector all of this has really added to the public on happiness it's just approved the highest spending cuts ever in
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portugal's modern history and that's certainly going to have an impact this sort of cools the country already struggling in the midst of recession there is great unhappiness is well it was seen as the closeness between portugal's government and the german chancellor that is the source of a lot of talk is the boss of a lot of people whose jokes you see it in the graffiti you'll see it later today in the protest signs the prime minister it's felt by a lot of people sometimes even the submissive to angola merkel and people are really calling for the country for their own government take charge of this not to be led by the jet. and charles would not just to be led by brussels but to be acting in the country's own interest you're going to see this protest movement the protests that say they're going to hang black cloth the monuments are not really echoing the black mood that we've seen across much of europe as the euro crisis continues the u.k. could soon be bleeding no wind shear of its qualified residents that war highly
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skilled brits turn their backs on their homelands seeking greener pastures abroad and that's after a short break here in r.t. . i never thought i could earn a living this way. natale issue of oil is a norm or should just small arms so there's a lot almost machine building ploy and a lot of the sourced count of all the weapons she's fired over the past twelve years. i got so used to it sometimes my friends ask me to join them at the rifle range and i say no way i'm so tired of shooting. the plants history goes from making firearms during world war two to ballistic missiles from your class submarines during the cold war the bulk of the soviet industry was moved here in the 1940's to flee the advancing germans so if you were also became the heart of
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soviet military production closed off to foreigners for half a century it thrived on the lesser moods of the soviet military when the u.s.s.r. collapsed but life here was shaken to the core but some adapted to better than others. this is the year old truck factory brushes the number one truck made or gravel look at how well the workplace is organized everything's done to make sure the workers don't waste time waiting there was so production is booming the factory has largely managed to get on to civil rails. johnson's sold around the globe hit a base and brand new the way things have been leverage to clients seventy trucks like this one roll up the plants conveyor belts every day slogan about this things that absolutely huge. well i'm no formula one pilot but hopefully if i can get up that. i can go for
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a test drive. well that was fun to get one of these to travel to whatever in the morning was with a cost of about forty thousand dollars i should start saving money. wealthy british style. markets. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger no holds barred look at the global financial headlines kaiser report on our. mission. critical three.
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three. three. two three. hold free blog video for your media project a free media oh god r.t. dot com. welcome back here with r.t. now britain could soon be suffering from a shortage of skilled workers according to recent research findings show a number of u.k. professionals are seeking better lives overseas and that number has increased sharply in the past two decades ago looks into what's fueling the brain drain. one of the cooler overall financial sense says it was even voted the best place to
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visit only one it last year but it looks like fewer people want to actually live in britain the u.k. home office has just released or of course that's not and we still number of executives scientists and academics are choosing to leave. last year alone some one hundred fifty thousand cases this isn't emigrates a day of the season and now some five million brits live aboard and don't blame the unpredictable weather or the local cuisine experts now say that it's the high rates of taxation and the cost of living that could drive even more brits to move abroad people with the motor of the economy are people with a lot of property of approach with an education perhaps with ambition as well we need to keep them in the country you have to face a life of living in london on a very small gross wage maybe even smaller by taxation to a network that's the bit which we fail as a country and perhaps some sort of system of graduated tax allowances might help us
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cope perhaps most alarming for the politicians who office findings that the majority of the people that opt out of the think you take rat race do so also in the overall lifestyle choice signalling and see this intense with living standards here in britain that's not the answer. we feel in government to slow things for me consider moving abroad to avoid. slacking off and taking away good things from the people a little bit more even though it's through hard work and dedication over here is that you work until you drop but you don't want to reward us so what's the point of continuing companies are already complaining that they find it hard to find highly skilled. professional foreigners to work in the u.k. because of the u.k. government's count on migration in order to cut immigration into the country now the growing number of young ambitious brits hopping that might leave the british
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government wondering where all the professionals have gone. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world the p.c. trust chairman chris patten is calling for a radical overhaul of the corporation after the director general resigned george and whistle stepped down after a while the network's top news programs are linked to former hiring politician to child abuse allegations that turned out to be false recent polls show the public's trust in the b.b.c. is rapidly declining with some critics say a complicated bureaucratic structure is proving a hindrance for the network. clashes have broken out in warsaw after twenty thousand people marched through the polish capital one of the penn state violence erupted to right wing nationalist started shouting anti-government slogans and threw fireworks and bricks at police security forces used rubber bullets tear gas and the times to bring the situation under control and disperse the crowd to police
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officers were injured with several protesters detained. a devastating bush fire has burned through southern australia destroying more than half a dozen homes the country fire service has called for extra crews to help battle the out of control blaze no casualties have been reported the situation is hampered by hot and dry weather in the region which is set to last all season. all right the brings us up to date and kate's here next with the latest from the world sports in just a couple of minutes don't go away. catalonia wants to get its independence from the rest of spain locals feel that madrid texas
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of catalonia economic success is a way putting the region into debt trust me working hard only to have it all taxed away is very aggravating i can see why people are frustrated but the people who want independence have a very odd slogan catalonia a new european state so let me get this straight you want independence but you want to stay in the e.u. is that what you mean what exactly would that change that's not really gaining independence that shifting dependencies stay in the e.u. means you won't have control of your borders you'll still be on the euro c won't have your own currency you'll be able to establish your trade standards those will be dictated to you by brussels and if you don't like the austerity measures from outsiders like in madrid then you might want have a conversation with the greeks because being an independent country in the e.u. won't save you from people messing with your finances all i'm saying is that being truly independent means answer to no one not madrid not brussels but that's just my opinion.
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you know how sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else and you hear or see some other part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. do we speak your language any film of the will or not a day of. school music programs and documentaries in spanish what matters to you breaking news a little tonnage of angles couldn't stories. for you here. in troy altie spanish find out more visit i to our.
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hello welcome to the way to sport roundup and here's a taste of what's coming up. marching on after new so schools twice a day talk with a three one win a true bond but is a need and breathing down their necks in the russian premier li. plus trading capitals we get up close and personal with ice hockey star alexander that of education after his move to washington to moscow. and building a future we take a look at how a stadium construction boom could benefit russia as the country prepares to host a string of top sporting events. but let's kick off this week with football where i've met most are scored a goal in a charge as tesco one three one that could ban to remain top of the russian premier league and with all the weekend's action is confident that's awful.
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i just got handed one the person defeating more than me will suffer open ten minutes into the answer while the rest is miller sweeping levels from the barrel to sport. but most us work again early in the second period. and ross was elevated the army man stood in his own for the season with a brilliant strike from outside the box jessica now on a quite match winning run and remain top of the loop. by well zoot went second on goal difference with a two one win a gold in portugal as miguel danny celebrated his return from a long term injury by teeing up alex on the new coach who fired into the net from outside the box form as any player even might seem of snatch the nineteenth minute equaliser but alexander kids walk off mark his three hundredth match for the st petersburg side within the political need to give the defending champions another way to make sure. i use heatings in
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form on g. beat liverpool in europe on thursday entitlements might have been a factor as they nationally struggled at work on the t.v. how a long range effort by make d.-ca settling on silas and of bonds that hold a goalkeeper meant the degassed onside finally broke the deadlock with twenty minutes to go but look on the t.v. made it all square after a ricochet held diamond doing a score in his fourth of the campaign to ensure i'm just leap to good but level on points with zinni i must give the team my team a compliment commitment after three days. it was a very it's not available but the other ones who came in did a good jobs. i. look bottom are doing they could do little to prevent this season surprise package terry going forward with a two one win in grozny daunte on the job with the home side ahead up to despair and resolution i. headed home has become a hole in many matches and we're going to manage to pull one back as
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a wrestler on the connections board in the dying seconds but derek held on to clinch the ninth green this term. after losing admin feet in the champions league on wednesday spartacus' chances of reaching the last sixteen a slim but they bounced back in the premier league to go fever with a two nil win at home to ten men cross and are ten minutes into the second half captained me to come were of cost for him to bury the ball from close range eggs on them artillery was shown a straight red card with fifteen minutes to go and gun bar of made the extra man count from the sport to guarantee a victory for the home side. i don't beat their ass because dinner my continued to improve from their wilful start by securing their stakes victory alyssa's and at home to align it for majority strike a given granny red discovered his scoring skills as the thirty year old netted to propelled an homage to.


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